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Pre-Moby Dick: 1932

1934 - 1


Moby Dick in 1982

Another Update: 1993

Today: Renovaton 2003

First Employee

Kitchen Staff 2003

Building History





Over the Years

After almost thirty years of business, you can imagine that Moby Dick Restaurant has seen a lot of changes in White Rock. We have managed to keep up with the times by doing a number of renovations, and this helps Moby Dick remain the most popular destination for fish and chips and seafood in the area.

When you come to Moby Dick, you can be assured of a modern comfortable restaurant experience, and the time tested quality of our food!

About the 1930's Photos:

Our 1930's photos come as a gift from a regular customer, Mrs. Mona Hardy, a resident of the area since she was a small child. The first photo shows the site of present day Moby Dick, when the building was a grocery store (the "Meats" sign) owned by her father. That's him in the foreground by the car; we think he might be putting quarters in the parking meter, but we're not certain about that.

The next photo, from 1934, shows Mr. Hardy standing proudly in the door of his shop. On the left of the photo can be seen the Leak residence, behind a vacant lot.

The third photo shows the front of the shop with a 1930 Pontiac parked out front You can see a bit more of "Charlie's Fish and Chips" restaurant next door, Charlie Davey Proprietor.

About the 1940's and 50's Photos:

Our friend Hugh Ellenwood did some work on finding out the history of Moby Dick's building. He sent us a note, and some photos.

He was working with a collection, donated to the archives, of early White Rock resident Nicola Messere who, it turns out, was responsible for the existence of the building. You can read the story of the Messere family and how they used the Moby Dick building before it became the most Famous Fish and Chips restaurant in White Rock. Here's what he had to say about the photos:


2009-2-6: 15477 - 15479 Washington Avenue, [now Marine Drive] between 1956 and 1965, probably the late 1950s. Up-To-Date Show Repair was run by Nicola Messere. His wife Louise ran the Louise Pastry and Coffee Shop next door. The family lived in the rooms upstairs.


2009-2-15: Nicola Messere on the beach in White Rock ca. 1950


2009-2-23: Fran Messere in front of the family business. She was born in 1923, so this picture was probably taken in the early 1940s shortly after the building was constructed.


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